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Facebook VS Instagram: Where to sell?

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In our previous article entitled “  Storytelling: issues and impact ” , we tried to support a fairly central subject in the branding strategy of companies present on the Web. This article made us understand that any company that wants to create emotion , a real strong community, must have a story to tell its audience; this must be perceptible in each of the brand's interventions.

With all doubts removed, once the brand has found a strong story to tell, on which social platform should it tell it? It's the same as for physical books: a good book, with a strong life changing potential, is useless if it is not available where its target expects it. Yet there are so many social media libraries; YouTube , Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , LinkedIn , Snapchat … etc. give us the embarrassment of the choice on a wide panel of functionalities equally useful to develop the online presence of a company via Social Media OptimizationBut, if we only take Instagram and Facebook into a benchmarking analysis, where should a business go to sell?

Sell ​​on Facebook

Facebook is certainly one of the oldest social networks and according to many, the most famous on the list. It offers more visibility with older groups, as long as you go through paid advertising. In principle, Facebook tries to promote interpersonal interactions and the sharing of content between family and friends. This explains why  40% of Facebook users don't like to engage with businesses , preferring more personal connections.

The biggest strength here, on the other hand, is the popularity of the network which gives a large potential audience . But, it must be said that Facebook users often do not even have the opportunity to see the publications of companies, because of the algorithm. And let's not forget to take into account the presence of competitors (or their absence, precisely). There are almost 3 times more marketers on Facebook than on Instagram: 93% of marketers use Facebook against only 36% for Instagram (see the following article ).

Sell ​​on Instagram

Instagram is in the top 5 of the 25 most used social networks and that's a very good highlight! Indeed, everyone was skeptical at first by the decision that Facebook made in 2012 to buy Instagram, especially when we consider that the main functionality of this network is the sharing of photos and videos. Time will have proved Facebook right because Instagram is currently estimated at several hundred billion dollars ...

So how can we explain this? The answer is in one word: Emotion. We often say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in a decade when customers have less time to read, Instagram is at an advantage. Branding on Instagram should focus on design , because that's what the audience will judge first and from judgment, potential customers will be able to perceive the brand in one way or another.

In short, Instagram is more effective when it comes to direct marketing  : engaging customers, increasing recognition, showcasing new products / services, doing brand comparisons. Also great for anything that targets influencers and aims to expose a brand for free. Instagram users log in more often to actively seek a product recommendation, unlike Facebook where they actively ignore them ...

So, one or the other?

In its defense, Instagram is nowhere near as many users as Facebook. If Instagram has 800 million monthly active users and manages to climb to the third most popular social media spot, more effort will be needed to reach the roughly 2 billion monthly Facebook users. Why bother? Wouldn't it be better to focus your marketing campaigns on Facebook, so as to reach twice as many people?

Well no. Because it is not a question of quantity, but of quality . Companies that target a young audience (under 30) may well reap more profits on Instagram than on Facebook, for equal amounts invested, especially in the fashion , beauty and even architecture sectors . However, those whose target is a little older and less oriented on the image, may decide to stay on our good old Facebook.

However, it would be much better to combine the two! Our target is not static but rather random , and our products can find buyers everywhere, so we must not neglect any social media library at the risk of losing a potential market share, or simply losing the chance to anticipate on commercial actions. of our competition.

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