December 21, 2019 - BY Admin

What Programming Language to Learn in 2020?

Today, programming is more popular than ever. Knowing how to code is an extremely powerful skill, it will allow you to find a job, become a freelancer or start your own business.

As you probably know, there are many different programming languages. Several hundreds even! Whether your ambition is to become a freelance developer, or simply to learn an additional programming language, you will probably be lost in front of all these possibilities.

Technology advances

Every year, new programming languages emerge. Others die. Overall, programmers must learn new technologies on a regular basis.

At Banaaf, we asked ourselves the question: what programming language should we learn in 2020? Here is our three-point answer:

Utility: which programming language for which purpose?

When choosing a new programming language, it is important to ask yourself the following question:"What would I like to develop?"
Because yes, not all developers have the same aspirations. Some prefer to create websites, others software or even artificial intelligence... To each purpose its own language!
We have tried to list the most common purposes, and to see for each of them the most suitable programming languages.
Which programming language to learn to create a website ?The freelance web developer should start by learning the 2 basic languages that are HTML and CSS Then, it all depends on your specialization :.
If you want to become a frontend developerJavaScript will be a must for you! Do not hesitate to specialize in one or more JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, ReactJS or VueJS.
If you want to become a back-end developeryou will need at least to learn a language to communicate with the database (SQL) and a language to communicate with the server (PHP, Python or Go for example).
If you want to become a fullstack developeryou will have to learn all this at once!
Which programming language to learn to develop a mobile application?Here again, you have several options. Indeed, you should know that the 2 leading operating systems on the smartphone market are iOS (apple) and android (Google...). Both require different programming languages!
To develop an android mobile application, you will have to master Java. Note that Kotlin is also increasingly used.
To develop an iOS mobile application, you will have to learn Swift or Objective-C! Attention, to develop an iOS application, you must have a mac computer.
You have a web developer background, and would like to create your android and iOS mobile application without having to learn Java or Swift? Good news! Today there are solutions to create cross-platform applications from web languages. Take a look at React Native, Ionic, Capacitor, Cordova or NativeScript, to name a few.