Every second, we procreate about 29,000 gigabytes (GB) of data around the world, or 2.5 trillion bytes of data every day. It's the information coming from everywhere: messages we send each other, videos we post, weather information, GPS signals, online shopping transaction records and much more. This big data is called big data .
The concept, as it is currently defined, encompasses a set of technologies and practices intended to store very large masses of data and to analyze them very quickly.

The use of big data brings new horizons in many fields: marketing, finance, politics, commerce. Thanks to analytical tools and data modeling, we do trend or predictive analysis, draw up profiles, anticipate risks and monitor phenomena in real time.

Big Data at the service of your business

Big Data is a revolution for marketing services. We are talking about predictive marketing, predictive marketing will make it possible to process the data collected on the habits of your customers and their future needs . This anticipation of behavior will become a real asset to best meet their needs and thus produce more efficiently .

Big data opens up new horizons in marketing. Companies are using it to personalize messages to the extreme and reach the right people at the right time. The objective, an optimized return on investment of advertising campaigns.

Other big data applications
  1. Big Data & HR
  2. HR departments receive thousands of applications, thanks to Big Data, they can target behaviors and identify potential candidates upstream of a recruitment. They sort the most interesting profiles using data collected from social networks and online databases.

  3. Big Data & Financial Services
  4. Determining a person's ability to repay a loan is a matter of concern as old as the bank. And this is a subject on which new players are appearing who are working using Big Data.

  5. Predictive maintenance
  6. Predictive maintenance makes it possible to reduce the maintenance costs of industrial installations thanks to Big Data. Indeed, thanks to the installation of sensors on the machines, the companies can now use the data to plan the maintenance of the machines .

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    Although initially the prerogative of large groups such as Google, Facebook or Amazon, Big Data allows SMEs to make them more productive, more profitable and more powerful. SMBs are generally more agile and are able to act faster on data-driven insights. In addition, they can have access to this data.