In today's data- driven world , businesses face a data overload, and companies that want to work smarter are investing in ways to control and understand that data.

Business intelligence also known as "business intelligence" or "business intelligence" refers to all solutions using information technology (IT) allowing companies to analyze data for the benefit of their decision-making. .

Business Intelligence at the service of your business

Business intelligence programs can have many benefits for the business. They make it possible to accelerate and improve decision-making, optimize internal processes, increase operating efficiency, generate new revenues, and gain the advantage over the competition . BI systems also help companies identify market trends to identify problems to be solved and make both tactical decisions that strategic decisions.

BI can help you:
  1. 1- Find out where and how to increase profits
  2. 2- Analyze customer behavior
  3. 3- Compare data with that of the competition
  4. 4- Monitor company performance
  5. 5- Optimize operations
  6. 6- Predict the chances of success of new initiatives
  7. 7- Identify market trends
  8. 8- Identify business issues
Examples of BI:

  1. 1- Data mining
  2. 2- Reporting
  3. 3- Performance indicators and benchmarking
  4. 4- Descriptive analytics
  5. 5- Queries
  6. 5- Statistical analysis
  7. 6- Data visualization
  8. 7- Data preparation
  9. BI stages:
    1. 1-Data collection
    2. This involves extracting data from the various sources of the company (production systems), transforming them, and uploading them to the database.

    3. 2- Data storage
    4. This is to centralize structured and processed data so that they are available for decision-making use, easy to analyze.

    5. 2- The distribution or restitution of data
    6. It consists of using different tools in order to restore information in a form that can be used for decision-making.

    7. 3- Data exploitation
    8. Cleaned, consolidated, accessible and stored data is now ready for analysis by end users or analysts.

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