The Marketing is one of the most important things a business can do. Not only does marketing build brand awareness, it can also increase sales, grow businesses, and engage customers. There are so many basic business functions that flow from a good marketing plan that any small business would be ridiculous not to give it strategic importance.

Digital marketing, webmarketing, e-marketing: how to navigate today in such a wide field of names? With the digital explosion of the last twenty years, the concept of digital marketing has widely extended and now includes all practices related to marketing that use web media and channels.

Definition of digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to all the marketing techniques used on digital channels to promote your offer. It also includes the entire technical ecosystem that allows you to customize an offer. It could be :

    1.  Optimizing a website to be efficient
    2.  Development of a mobile application
    3.  Use of social networks
    4.  Social selling
    5.  Online advertising
    6.  Natural referencing (SEO) to gain visibility
    7.  Inbound marketing to attract Internet users and transform them into prospects and then into customers
    8.  Analysis of digital actions
    9.  Setting up a business blog
    10.  Etc ...Etc ...
    Why is digital marketing useful for your business?

    - Because digital marketing makes business accessible to everyone

      Previously, marketing campaigns were reserved for companies with a large advertising budget, multinationals. Today, digital marketing has redistributed the cards. The company that starts up and has few means competes with the biggest. She no longer has any complexes to have and takes her end of the bargain. With digital marketing, even a freelance starting a business can set up a simple business process that was previously impossible. No need for a call center, we can communicate easily and efficiently with several customers, who are sometimes at the end of the world.

    - Because your consumers are now digital

        93% of consumers who have purchased a product from a large chain have done an Internet search before (source: Mappy / BVA barometer). Hence the importance of being well positioned on Internet user requests : this is called SEO. For your business, you no longer have a choice, you must make yourself visible and establish a digital strategy that goes beyond a simple presence on Facebook, a strategy that will transform Internet users into customers.

        1. - Because digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing
        2. It is estimated that a small business can reach as many as 1,000 people for just $ 3 through social media and the digital space. For the same audience, a contact by mail or a television commercial would cost between $ 28 and $ 57!

        3. - Because the ROI is perfectly measurable
        4. All digital actions are traceable and measurable. The ROI of your marketing actions is finally identifiable, and your efforts recognized!

        5. - Because actions are flexible
        6. From planning to execution, everything happens right in front of your eyes and you keep track of every activity. You can stop or pause your digital actions from an unsatisfactory first report, which will save you time and money. (unlike a classic billboard which will be paid in advance without any guarantee of fallout).

        Need a digital strategy?