Most of the processes in companies are now integrated into their information system (IS) , proper functioning of IT is now an essential condition for the efficiency and productivity of employees. It is therefore necessary to have reliable equipment, centralize information, avoid double entries, improve data security and confidentiality and protect the company's intangible capital .

While the company is working and evolving, its information system tends to alert itself more and more, through the wear and tear of the equipment, but also, through the fault of modifications, settings, installations and successive updates. which are carried out within it. Under these conditions, carrying out an IT audit is a good solution to take stock of the state of the system.

What is IT Audit?

The IT audit, the audit of information systems assesses the risks of an IT environment or an application with the aim of ensuring that the IT activities of a company or an administration are carried out in accordance with rules and professional uses, traditionally called good practices. The IT audit consists of evaluating the level of maturity of the company's IT based on a benchmark such as CobiT for example.

Is an audit compulsory?

No, performing an IT audit is not mandatory by definition. However, you are strongly advised to do so. This is what makes it possible to identify the various vulnerabilities that may exist within a computer system, configuration errors, updates not carried out, etc.

The benefits of IT audit

Carrying out an audit will save you considerable time. Indeed, you can anticipate the various problems following technical or other errors. Thanks to the audit, your infrastructure will have a recent inventory and can more easily be measured against the current competition in your industry. It is also an asset for performing necessary application updates, which generally correct security vulnerabilities.

The IT audit allows you to ensure that your company is in compliance with the legislation in force. In the event of a sale, transfer, merger with another company or other IT transition, the audit will facilitate these steps to better adapt the operations to be carried out. In IT audit, there is also a security audit. This makes it possible to check the state of the network, if it is well protected, and to ensure that all IT operations remain in-house and do not leak onto the Internet to compromise the business.

The different types of IT audits

The IT audit process is general and applies to different areas such as IT function, IT studies, IT projects, operations, IT planning, networks and telecommunications, IT security, IT purchasing, local IT or decentralized IT, quality of service, outsourcing, fleet management, operational applications.

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