The community management has now become essential. Community management represents a real opportunity for brands by providing them with visibility at a controlled cost. Nowadays, community management occupies an increasingly important place in communication and its growth will not stop there. Consumers' behavior has changed over time: they learn more about products and companies before they buy. It is therefore essential for companies that have not yet done so, to be able to integrate a social media strategy into their communication.

The importance of e-reputation and community

After-sales service for certain companies, reports and analyzes related to digital marketing or management of publications: community management manages many tasks. While the notoriety and visibility of brands and companies are our main objectives, we also know how to federate a community of connected people and Internet users over the long term via the tools provided by growth hacking. Our tasks are then to ensure a digital audit and then to define a strategy according to the positioning and the objectives to be achieved.

We carry out actions aimed at strengthening the image and identity of your company. Respect for a clear digital editorial line must therefore be ensured and our responsiveness is ensured. In line with digital marketing techniques , we are in a way influencers and trendsetters. The goal is then to generate more prospects and to unite a community around your company or institution. E-reputation, promotional campaigns, contests, advertisements and animations : everything is good to make the brand image of your company a real spearhead in terms of digital marketing.

What is your community?

Your "community" is not in one place, but in reality your community is spread across the Internet. Your community is on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, forums, and even the article comments section. Your community consists of your current customers, your target audiences, and all the people who directly and indirectly interact with your brand online. Brands that do not have a community management plan miss opportunities to:

  1. Manage customer complaints
  2. Turn customers into loyal fans
  3. Gain influencers and potential customers
  4. Network with and partner with other brands
  5. Get valuable feedback on your products
  6. Be the coolest voice in a comment section
Community management vs social media marketing

It's important to understand the difference between community management and social media marketing, as they each have their own priorities.

Social media marketing is the production and distribution of social content to reach new customers and communicate with your current customers. Here you can focus on things like reach, engagement, and the traffic that a post generates to your site.

Community management is what happens after and beyond your posting on social media. It's all part of customer service, listening to the internet, and actively participating in discussions about your brand.

While social media marketing spreads a message from one to many, community management often begins on a smaller, more intimate scale. But it can boost your brand's presence both on and off your social media pages.

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Community management presents your brand to the world as a sympathetic, knowledgeable personality that others can't help but want to engage with. Invest in a strong community and you will build a loyal fan base who will stand up for your name and brand and even come to your rescue when you need it.